How to Hang Stockings on a Fireplace Without a Mantle? 

If you have a fireplace without a mantle, you can still decorate it for the holiday season. It doesn’t have to be a blank space, and there are plenty of creative ways to hang stockings without using nails or screws. 

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Use Adhesive Hooks

To hang stockings on a fireplace without putting holes in your mantel, use removable adhesive-backed hooks. They stick well to wood, drywall, and some stone finishes. The only downside is that they won’t adhere to brick, so you may want to use another technique if you have a brick surround. 

Use a Ladder

A ladder is one of the easiest ways to hang stockings, and it’s great for any room in your home. You can buy a ladder, make your own from scrap wood, or even use an old painter’s ladder. 

Besides being fun, using a ladder to hang stockings is a great way to avoid stooping down to reach the floor. Plus, you can make the ladder look more festive by adding a garland around the top of it. 

You can also use a dresser to hang stockings, as long as it has a place for a stocking holder and the drawers are wide enough to accommodate a couple of stockings. Just be sure that your stockings aren’t too heavy and that the stocking holder doesn’t block any drawers or doors, because you don’t want someone to fall down and break their leg! 

A Wall Shelf

If you have a wall in your home that isn’t used for anything else, it’s worth investing in a peg rail wall shelf. These are easy to move and can be adjusted based on your stocking needs, and they’re available in many different styles. 

These are also great for hanging stockings that you’re going to be moving around a lot during the holidays, like if you switch them out with another family member or if you need to take them down in a hurry. Just be sure to check the hooks before you leave them up for the holidays, and replace them with new ones if needed. 

Hang Stockings with a Ladder 

If you’ve got an old blanket ladder, that’s the perfect thing to turn into a Christmas stocking holder. It’s a simple DIY project, and it’s sure to add some charm to your home. 

You could also use a picture frame with hooks to hold your stockings. Attach a piece of fishing line to the back of your artwork, then run the line from artwork to artwork, depending on how high you’d like your stockings. 

Alternatively, you can hang your stockings from a tree branch and have them nestled in the branches to keep them out of reach. However, you should be sure to cut the branches short so they won’t interfere with your stockings or cause them to dangle. 

You can also hang your stockings from a railing, as long as it doesn’t have any spindles or rungs that would get in the way of the stockings. This works best if the railing is wooden or wood-like material, so it won’t stand out as much.