How Much to Repair a Gas Fireplace?

A gas fireplace can be a health hazard when it is not properly maintained. To keep a fireplace functioning and to avoid costly repairs, regular maintenance is recommended. If a problem arises, it is best to seek a professional’s assistance. The cost of a repair depends on the issue and the material the fireplace is made of. 

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Gas-burning fireplaces need to be inspected annually. A routine inspection will uncover any problems with the heating system, as well as any issues with the electrical wiring or the gas line. During the inspection, the technician will also perform a cleaning. In many cases, the technician will be able to relight the pilot light. Other problems can include leaks or drafts. Drafts can cause smoke to enter the home, which can be dangerous. 

The cost of a gas fireplace repair will vary depending on the extent of the repair and the materials used. For example, installing a new gas log can require running a new gas line and installing a new electric source. Some simple components are easy to replace, while more advanced fireplace components may require the replacement of the entire fireplace. 

Some common fireplace repairs include changing the glass, lighting the pilot light and caulking the chimney. Caulking a fireplace can range from $150 to $500, while replacing the flue can cost several thousand dollars. Fireplace repair professionals charge $100-$150 per hour. Additional charges will apply for repairs that are done outside the city. These costs depend on the type of fireplace, the location and the difficulty of the job. 

Repairing the pilot light is relatively inexpensive. Typically, a technician will be able to relight it for a few hundred dollars. However, the price can be higher if there are severe problems with the pilot. It can be difficult to repair a broken pilot light, especially if it has been damaged by water or a strong wind. 

Flues in a gas-burning fireplace can be a major source of damage. This can be caused by drafts, holes or dirty flues. Many times, these problems can be repaired by cleaning and replacing the damaged parts. In severe cases, the flue may need to be replaced completely. 

Ceramic logs can be purchased as replacements. While they can last for decades, they can start to fade or crack. They are usually cheaper to replace than the whole fireplace. 

Prefabricated fireplace panels are an important part of the firebox structure. They can be cleaned, patched and buffed. Although they are built to last, they are subject to stress damage. Most often, they need to be replaced. 

Tile is a popular material for refacing. It is available in a wide range of colors and styles. Depending on the style, it can cost anywhere from $1 to $15 per square foot. Those with more expensive brands can cost as much as $30 or $50 per square foot. 

Whether you choose to do the gas fireplace repair yourself or hire a professional, you should plan ahead. Proper planning can help ensure that any work is completed efficiently and safely.