How to Adorn a Fireplace? 

Adorning a fireplace is an easy way to add some visual interest and warmth to your home. The best way to go about it is to choose pieces that work well together and fit your overall interior design style. 

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Art on a Mantel

A fireplace is an ideal place to showcase your favorite artwork. Depending on your decorating style, you may choose paintings, prints or other types of artwork to decorate your mantel. Choosing the right piece for your fireplace requires careful consideration, as it will be one of the most prominent features in your space. 

Mounting a Painting Above the Fireplace

A traditional approach is to hang a large-scale art piece above your fireplace. This is a timeless decor idea that works with any interior style and can be enhanced by the addition of a mirror. 

To avoid a boxy or cluttered look, use a variety of frames when placing your artwork on a fireplace mantel. You can opt for a tall frame for a more vertical display, or a narrower frame to emphasize the depth of the mantel. 

The height of the frame and size of the art will help you balance the artwork with the rest of your wall space, ensuring that everything fits together seamlessly. 

Overlap Art pieces to Create Depth 

Using a single art piece on your mantel can make the space feel a little drab. However, if you use multiple pieces of artwork to fill the space, they’ll each have a different effect. 

Overlap a Framed Print and a Painting

When you have a mantel with plenty of empty space, overlapping two or more pieces of artwork is an excellent way to visually connect them. Overlap a painting and a framed print for an interesting and unique display, or pair a patterned canvas with a plain frame to bring a bit of texture to your space. 

Another idea is to overlap a framed print and a piece of artwork that is slightly smaller in scale. This is a great way to add dimension and create a sense of movement in the room. 

Grouping Candles in a Series of Different Shapes and Heights

If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to decorate your mantel, consider arranging a series of candles in your fireplace. Arranging them in a series of different heights will give the space more dimension and a more romantic look. 

Flameless Taper Candles Are a Safer Option

For an elegant and sophisticated look, try adding a few flameless taper candles to your fireplace. These are safer than wax tapers and don’t produce any smoke, making them a good choice if you have children or pets. 

Aside from ambiance, these candles can also provide a beautiful display of color. They can be used in conjunction with other decorations, such as greenery or a beautiful mirror for added drama and texture to your mantel. 

Keep in mind that the number of candles you use will impact the overall look of your fireplace, so you’ll want to be sure you have enough.