How to Babyproof a Fireplace?

Babyproofing your fireplace can be easy and affordable. It’s not only a practical safety measure but can also be a stylish and creative way to spruce up your living room. If you haven’t considered protecting your home’s fireplace yet, it’s time to think about it. 

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While gas fireplaces may seem safer than wood burning fireplaces, they still present many of the same dangers. This is especially true if your baby suffers from respiratory issues. Even if you’re not worried about your child’s health, you should be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide. In severe cases, a child can die. 

The best protection from burns is to block access to the hearth. However, if you can’t block the entire fireplace, it’s best to limit access to the areas most prone to injury. Some of the easiest ways to do this are to use baby gates or fireplace screens. A gate, for instance, will limit access to a section of the fireplace and make it a more interesting spot for your child. You can also cover the fireplace hearth with a soft rug. The same rugs can be used to cover other areas of the fireplace. 

The hearth is the most obvious place to start when babyproofing your fireplace. You can purchase a pad that is attached to the hearth using strong double-sided tape. This will add extra support to the pad and keep it from slipping off. It can also be removed for cleaning. 

Depending on the size of your fireplace, there are several different types of fireplace gates to choose from. You can purchase hardware-mounted gates or pressure-mounted ones. The latter are more secure and flexible. While there are many gates available, it’s always a good idea to find one that matches your decor. You can paint them to match your living room or even add decorative elements. 

Another easy and inexpensive way to babyproof your fireplace is by installing a fireproof gate. Depending on the style of your fireplace, you can purchase a gate that is shaped like a playpen or is a more traditional design. Once you’ve chosen your gate, you’ll need to install it securely. The most important thing is to be sure that it is fireproof. 

If you have a wooden hearth, it’s best to protect the corners with a heavy duty edge protector. These corner protectors are typically sold in long rolls, which you can cut with a pair of scissors. You can also purchase corner guards that are included with the edge protectors. 

The same materials can be used to create a baby bumper. You can buy noodle sheets, cut them into desired lengths, and tie them to the seats and shelves of your furniture with adhesive tape. This makes a good barrier for kids and pets. 

If you have a fireplace that is surrounded by brick, it’s best to consider installing a fireplace screen. This will prevent your children from reaching the open flame and potentially injuring themselves. It can be hard to find the right screen, though. A baby proofing expert can recommend a product that will fit your needs.