How to Close the Gap Between the Sheetrock and the Fireplace 

Gaps between the sheetrock and the fireplace are a common problem that can occur over time. If you’re experiencing these gaps, it’s important to fix them before they become worse. This will improve the look of your home and reduce energy costs. 

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The First Step: Prepare the Wall and Fireplace Before Filling Their Gaps

When it comes to closing gaps in your walls or fireplace, there are a few different materials that you can use. Choosing the right material will depend on the type of surface you’re working with. For example, if you’re working with plaster walls, you’ll want to use a plaster-based filler. If you’re working with wood trim or paneling, however, you’ll need to choose a wood-based filler. 

The Second Step: Fill the Gaps With a Good Caulking Product

One of the easiest ways to close the gaps between your walls and fireplace is to use caulk. This product can be purchased in a variety of colors, and it’s easy to apply. It’s also durable and effective at sealing out drafts. 

You should always use a high-quality caulk for this project, as it’ll be more resistant to shrinking and will last longer. After applying the caulk, you’ll want to use a putty knife to smooth out any excess caulk and make sure that it’s seated properly in the gap. 

The Third Step: Fill the Gaps With Felt or Paper Towel Soaked in Wood Glue

Another way to fill the gaps between your walls and fireplace is to utilize bits of felt or strips of paper towel that have been soaked in wood glue. These products can be purchased at your local home improvement store and are a simple solution to your problem. 

The Fourth Step: Paint the Gaps With a Color That Blends Well

If you’re looking for a more natural way to close the gaps between your walls and fireplace, you should consider painting them a color that matches the wall. This will help to keep the area from looking too clean or unfinished. 

The Fifth Step: Repair the Brick and Masonry Work

A gap between a fireplace and the surrounding brick can be caused by many different things, from humidity to structural issues. If the gap is large, it may require more than a little DIY effort to fix. In many cases, you’ll need to call a professional for assistance. 

The Sixth Step: Reset a Tile If you have old or ornate tiles around your fireplace, they can be difficult to replace. You can try to find a similar match by taking measurements and photographing the tiles. If you can’t find a match, then you can try to restore them by resetting them using thin-set mortar. 

Depending on the size of the gap, you can either use a small amount of caulk or a special mesh to bridge the gap between the two. Either option will give you a seamless finish that looks great and helps to keep the heat in your home.