How to Decorate Around a Fireplace? 

The heart of your home’s decor is the fireplace, and it’s an ideal spot to showcase your personal style. Whether you have a traditional brick-lined firebox or a modern electric model, there are plenty of ways to make it pop with colorful and fun decor. 

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Colorful Wall Art

Paintings are a classic fireplace decorating option, but you don’t have to stick with the tried-and-true route when it comes to art. Instead, consider snagging one that pairs well with a nearby accent, like a bold rug or a sleek set of drapes. 

Posters are a budget-friendly alternative to paintings, and they can be just as striking. If you want to create a cohesive look with your artwork, keep the framing and sconces consistent, too. 


Hanging a large mirror over your mantel is a great way to create a focal point in the room and bring the space together. Use fresh greenery, flowers, or a decor piece to fill in the extra space around the mirror. 

Decorative Candlesticks

For an easy way to inject some visual interest into your mantel, try clustering candlesticks in a single color. While you’re at it, try adding a few candles as well. This will add a touch of softness to your display and provide a soothing glow for you to relax during the winter. 

Vintage Objects

If you’re looking to give your fireplace a rustic, shabby chic makeover, consider incorporating antique everyday objects into the design. Pewter vases, candlesticks, and metal harvest baskets are among the items that add an air of warmth and charm to the space. 

Old window frames are another excellent option for displaying your favorite decor pieces. They add height to your display, and they can also act as a useful fire screen. 

A gilded mirror or an ornate doorframe can be the perfect addition to your mantel. These pieces can easily be changed out to reflect the season, and they’ll add some dimension and depth to your overall design. 

Framed Memories

A collection of family photos or a portrait are a wonderful addition to your mantel, and they’re especially attractive when they feature a sentimental message. Placing them alongside handcrafted wall art, in front of a dark-framed board, helps to make your personal message the center of attention. 

Gallery Pieces

Creating a gallery of your favorite pieces is an excellent way to update your mantel and add dimension to the space. While you’re at it, consider snagging a few smaller decorative accessories, too—like a vase or a few books, to add some dimension and balance to your display. 


For a more spirited take on decor, try going all-in with plants for the fireplace. Eucalyptus, snake, and succulent plants can all add a sense of freshness to the room, and they’re especially great for homeowners with neutral and white aesthetics. 

Arrange Wood Above the Fireplace

If you’re trying to create a calm and relaxing environment in your living room, don’t forget about the fireplace. When it comes to fireplace decor ideas, try arranging wood on either side of your firebox in neat columns, clustering candles, and arranging plants and artwork so there’s a feeling of balance that’s easy on the eye.