How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel?

Adding a few decorative items to your fireplace mantel can make the room feel warmer and more comfortable, as well as help to create an interesting focal point. These items range from books and trinkets to more elaborate items like chandeliers and ladders. The trick is to choose items that won’t catch fire, but still add a little oomph to the room. 

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If you aren’t a fan of traditional decor, you can always try decorating the fireplace with a modern design. For a clean and contemporary look, choose a white or neutral backdrop, and then add a striking accent color. To add a subtle touch of color, try a vase of fresh flowers or a stained glass candleholder. 

Another classic way to decorate the fireplace is with a mirror. Not only can a mirror reflect light, but it can also help to brighten the room. You can even hang a mirror behind your fireplace. If you have a lot of space above the fireplace, consider using a large sheet mirror. This will cover up the wall and create a striking accent wall. 

If you have a wide mantel, you can decorate it with a lot of different things. A stacked antique mirror is a fun and unique way to show off your favorite collectibles. Other fun ways to display artwork on your mantel include displaying two pieces in an interesting way, rearranging items in the same corner of the room, or creating a layered display. 

The best way to display artwork on your fireplace mantel is by using a few overlapping pieces. A grouping of two vases or bowls in odd numbers is a clever way to create a decorative display. The vases should be varying in size, and the bowls should be of varying shapes. This is also a good way to prevent your display from looking cluttered. 

You can also display sculptures on your mantel. This is a great way to bring a touch of nature into your living space. For instance, a selenite crystal that looks like a log can help to purge negative energy from your home. You can also use sculptures to accent other art. Putting a few different kinds of sculptures together in an artistic display is another clever way to decorate your fireplace. 

One way to make your fireplace look more modern is to paint the surround. White paint on red brick makes the room look less old-fashioned, and adding a contrasting color is a good way to create a contemporary feel. The wall color will also tie in with your fireplace surround. Another way to add a splash of color is by placing a vase of fresh flowers on the mantel. This is a great way for a fresh and floral look to add life to your fireplace. 

The most important rule of thumb when it comes to decorating your fireplace is to keep it clean and uncluttered. There isn’t a need to be overly fancy with your decorations. It is important to remember that some decorations are treated to increase fire resistance, but they are still flammable.