How to Fix an Old Field Rock Fireplace Outside? 

If you have a field rock fireplace outside that’s looking drab and tired, there are a few ways to fix it. For example, you can replace the hearth and surround with new materials and a fresh design. You can also give the entire fireplace a makeover with new paint, tiles, or other decors. 

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Replacing a Fireplace Surround

Before you begin replacing the fireplace surround, protect furniture with tarps and don gloves and a dust mask to prevent the airborne dust from reaching unintended surfaces in the home (via Bob Vila). Apply a light coat of stone-restorative sealant to your newly cleaned mantel to help keep it looking fresh for years to come. 

Laying New Slate for a Hearth and Mantel

You can add a new stone mantel to your field rock fireplace for a quick, inexpensive update that will enhance the overall look of your living room or bedroom. You can find pre-cut stones to fit your specific measurements in a store or online, and the process is pretty simple. 

First, you’ll need to measure the area around your fireplace where a new stone mantel is desired and take measurements with a tape measure. Then, use a template or outline on a wooden board or table to ensure the new stone is evenly spaced and matches the old stone’s color. Next, cut the new stone with a grinder or saw that has a diamond-tipped blade, and break off excess pieces along the line of the cuts using a mason’s hammer. 

Follow up your prep work with a weekly cleaning to get rid of light to moderate accumulations of soot, dirt, and grit that build up on your stone fireplace’s surface with each use. If you do a thorough cleaning every week, the stone will stay clean and bright and last longer than if you neglect it. 

Repairing a Fireplace Overhaul 

If the stone on your fireplace is damaged and needs repair, you can easily restore it with some basic tools and elbow grease. You can patch it up yourself, or you can hire a professional to do the job for you. 

To fix a crack or chip, you’ll need to remove any loose rocks and repair them with mortar. You can buy a specialty mortar that is heat resistant, and it will give you the perfect match for your old stones. You’ll need a trowel and a paintbrush to apply the mortar, so look for one that is compatible with your current fireplace’s surface. 

Using A Grout Mixture

If you’d rather not use a mortar, you can try a grout float to fill in any gaps between your stones. This is a good option if you want to maintain the texture and appearance of your stones but don’t have the time or expertise for a more extensive renovation. 

Refacing an Old Fireplace with New Materials 

If you have a field rock fireplace with a brick mantel, you can give it a facelift by refacing it with new materials, including tile or stone. A refacing job will be more expensive than simply replacing the mantel, but it can give your living room an entirely different look.