How to Install Fireplace Doors? 

Installing fireplace doors is a great way to improve the look of your home and increase the energy efficiency of your wood-burning fireplace. It also protects your family and the environment by trapping harmful gases and particulates inside your chimney and keeping them from escaping into the air you breathe. 

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First, you’ll need to choose the right door for your firebox opening. There are several options available for masonry or steel-framed doors. Each comes with different hardware and installation instructions, so it’s important to find a kit that fits your specific needs. 

Once you have a kit, gather your tools and prepare to begin the process. Make sure you have a drill with bits and lead anchors on hand, as well as a set of lag screws (if you are mounting your door into masonry or brick surfaces). 

Measure your fireplace from the bottom of the lintel to the top. This measurement will help you determine where to place the mounting brackets and lintel clamps. 

Start by removing the old door from your fireplace. Be careful not to scratch the frame or glass components. This is an important step that should not be missed! 

Next, remove the old lintel clamps from the back of your new masonry door. Typically, these are held in place by a pair of sheet-metal screws. Once you have removed the old ones, assemble the new lintel clamps by inserting them into the screw holes and tightening them until they’re fully secure. 

Depending on the type of door, this can vary greatly. However, most masonry doors have small “L”-shaped brackets that attach to the metal lintel bar at the top of your firebox. 

These brackets are adjustable and can be adjusted so that the door is flush with the face of your firebox opening. Most kits include a pair of clamps that adjust to hold the door assembly in place. Then, you will add a set of small “L”-shaped floor brackets to anchor the door to the floor of your firebox. 

Mark the holes for your mounting brackets with a felt-tip marker. Then, using your masonry drill bit, carefully drill through the masonry in each hole. You want the holes to be about 1 3/4 inches deep so that your lag screws will be flush with the fireplace. 

Once the brackets are drilled, tap lead anchors into each hole and make sure they are securely secured. This will ensure the door is held in place and keep it from shifting. 

After a few hours, you should have your new fireplace door installed! Be sure to follow the directions and use the right tools, as these steps will ensure that you’ll have a beautiful and safe installation. 

The door should have a gap between each panel that you can close to keep heat in and smoke out. If this isn’t the case, it’s likely time for a replacement glass panel. This is a common problem with many lower-quality fireplace doors sold at home centers, so you may need to call a local glass shop to order a replacement.