How to Light a Propane Fireplace?

In order to light your propane fireplace, follow these simple steps: turn on the gas valve, hold the control knob for 30 seconds (failing to do this will cause the pilot light to go out), and press the ignitor button. The light in the ignitor button should change to bright red. Once the light is on, operate the fireplace normally by using the control knob that was used to light the pilot light. 

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Unvented gas logs 

If you’re wondering how to light unvented gas logs in a propane fireplace, you may not know what to do. The problem is often caused by a lack of airflow, which can cause soot buildup. Luckily, cleaning and repositioning the logs is relatively easy. The first step is to make sure that there’s no debris in the orifice of the logs. You can do this with a hose or brush. 

Depending on the type of logs that you have, there are two basic ways to light them. You can either use a gas log that’s been approved by RADCO or by an ANSI standard. Gas log sets that’ve been approved by these organizations will have safety pilot assemblies factory installed. 

Intermittent pilot ignition (IPI) mode 

During a power outage, it is often possible to light your propane fireplace in intermittent pilot ignition (IPI), or CPI mode. This mode retains the pilot light while the unit is shut off, making it more reliable. It also allows you to use the fireplace all year round. 

IPI mode uses an electronic ignition system. In most cases, a battery powered backup module will start the pilot light when you turn on the fireplace. You must make sure the battery is fresh. Otherwise, the IPI system will not work. 

Turning off the gas valve 

Turning off the gas valve when lighting a propane fireplace is a simple process, but fewer people are aware of it. This common mistake results in many fireplace accidents, so it’s crucial to follow the correct procedure. This process involves turning off the gas valve for the entire fireplace as well as the pilot light. This will ensure that no gas is leaking or burning. 

If you don’t know how to turn off the gas valve for your propane fireplace, consult a gas professional. Sometimes a partially closed valve will prevent the gas from flowing, and it can also be caused by a pipe that is improperly installed. If you don’t see a gas valve, you should first check the gas tank for gas. 

Relighting the pilot light 

If you want to restart a propane fireplace, the process begins by re-lighting the pilot light. To do this, turn the gas control dial to the “Pilot” setting and hold it there for 20 to 30 seconds. This is enough time to warm up the thermocouple, which is a safety device that will prevent any gas leakage. After the time has passed, release the gas control knob. 

First, make sure that the secondary gas shutoff is open. These valves are located on the wall or flex line and can be operated with a special key. Next, locate the black knob marked “pilot” and turn it counter-clockwise. While holding the black knob, press the igniter button. After two or three pushes, the pilot flame should ignite.