How to Light the Pilot Light on a Gas Fireplace? 

A gas fireplace is an easy way to add a warm glow to your home. However, it’s important to know how to light the pilot light before you use your fireplace. This will help you to avoid an accidental burn or explosion in the event of a leak. 

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How to Turn on a Gas Fireplace with an Electronic Ignition?

Most newer gas fireplaces feature a simple control panel, often located near the wall of the fireplace, that allows you to adjust the flame height and activate the burner. When you push the “On” button, the ignition system starts and lights the pilot light automatically. 

In older fireplaces, the pilot light must be manually lit. This is especially the case for units that have a “standing pilot” (a fireplace that has a manual spark ignitor and cannot be started by a remote or wall switch). 

To start lighting your pilot, you will first need to remove the cover on the front of the unit. Next, you’ll need to locate the gas valve knob that has a “Pilot” or “Closed” label on it. 

Once you have the gas control knob in the ‘Pilot’ position, press and hold the igniter button on the control knob once every second until the pilot lights. This may take multiple tries, especially if it has been a while since you last used the fireplace. 

If the pilot still does not light after several tries, you should try to relight it by following the manufacturer’s instructions. This can take a few extra minutes, so be sure to stay patient and follow the directions exactly. 

How to Relight the Pilot on a Gas Fireplace with a Dial and Ignition Button 

Most modern gas fireplaces have a simple dial that you can turn from the “Off” position to the “Pilot” position. On some models, this alone will start the pilot light, but some require you to also press a spark ignitor button alongside the dial for a certain amount of time to ensure that the pilot stays lit. 

When the pilot is on, you can adjust the flame height using the ‘High/Low’ switch or knob, depending on your unit. This will also reduce your gas bill by reducing the amount of fuel that is burned by the fire. 

How to Relight the Pilot if It Doesn’t Stay Lit?

The most common reason for a pilot light not staying lit is that you have not shut off the gas supply valve to the fireplace. If you have done this, then it’s possible that there is a gas buildup or a gas leak somewhere in the chimney. 

This is a very dangerous situation and could result in an explosion or fire. If you suspect that there is a problem, do not attempt to relight the pilot, but call SUNDANCE Energy or a certified technician for professional assistance. 

How to Relight a Gas Fireplace’s Pilot with a Match or Butane Lighter?

If you need to relight your pilot light on a gas fireplace, the most reliable method is to use a match or butane lighter and hold it near the termination hood of the pilot assembly. You will have to wait for the thermocouple to heat up so that it will stay lit, but this process should only take about 60 seconds.