How to Light the Pilot on a Propane Fireplace?

If you have a propane fireplace, you may be wondering how to light the pilot. The first thing to know is that you can’t turn it on by itself, and you need to have the main gas supply turned on. 

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You can either use a key or control panel to do it. However, you should always wear heat-resistant gloves. Also, you might want to open up some windows to air out the area. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to light your gas fireplace as you normally would. 

First, you’ll need to check your main valve. This is the gas valve that connects the tank to the fireplace. It will usually be found near the fireplace itself or to the left or right of the valve itself. 

Next, you’ll need to inspect your thermopile. These can be purchased at home improvement stores or even at your local hardware store. In general, you can remove the soot from the thermopile with a stainless steel brush. A clogged thermopile could prevent your pilot from lighting properly. 

Finally, you’ll need to inspect the controls. There is a knob that you need to rotate to the “on” position. Usually, this is a black knob. While rotating the knob, you’ll want to make sure that the words “on,” “off,” and “pilot” are clearly labeled. 

If you don’t see any of these, you may need to have your gas valve repaired. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact your gas provider. 

You’ll also need to unplug the white molex connector. This is the most important part of the process. After unplugging the molex connector, you should wait at least 60 seconds before turning it back on. 

Another thing you’ll need to do before you can light the pilot is to purge the air from the tubing. When you do this, you’ll get to see the pilot light ignite. As it lights, you’ll hear a hissing sound. 

Turning on the pilot is one of the simplest parts of using a propane fireplace. Although it’s not required, it can be helpful to have it on. Many people choose to keep the pilot on all the time so they can easily access the fire. 

Depending on the type of propane fireplace you own, you may also have to do a little maintenance on it. Most fireplace manufacturers recommend that you perform a cleaning and maintenance on your unit once a year. For instance, you may need to clean out the pilot, as it will start to build up carbon deposits from burning. 

As a bonus, you should be able to save on your gas bill. You can also call your gas provider to inquire about their policies on keeping a pilot on. 

The only problem is that you may not have the proper equipment to do it. If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll need to call a professional. Some units are equipped with a “Screen” to tell you how to do the ominous (so to speak). 

As you can probably guess, there are many things to do when you’re trying to light your propane fireplace. But one of the simplest ways to do it is to turn the main gas supply on.