How to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace?

Whether you’re planning to install a new TV or you just want to replace an old one, it is important to choose the right mount. There are several options for mounting a TV to your wall, and all of them are safe and effective. Some of the more popular methods include using joists and beams, but using a stud is by far the easiest and most secure way to do it. 

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In addition to providing a more secure way to hang a television, a wall mount should also make it easier to switch out the TV. In fact, you can use your stud finder to locate studs in your wall that can be used to support the weight of a new TV. In addition, a heavy-duty set of anchors will ensure that the TV is securely fastened to your wall. 

For the best viewing experience, you will need a TV that is at least 70 inches tall. This size is the minimum recommended size for a standard-sized television. If you’re going to install a TV over a fireplace, you’ll need to go a little bigger. This may involve building an alcove to avoid overheating. A fireplace that’s not functional can still be used to hang a TV. 

The most practical TV mount is likely the full motion type, which will allow you to raise and lower your TV, as well as tilt it to your desired viewing angle. Most manufacturers of these mounts include all of the necessary hardware to get the job done. 

A full-motion mount is best suited for mounting a large TV over a fireplace. This is because it allows you to put the TV in front of the fire. In addition to providing an attractive viewing angle, a full-motion mount can also put leverage on your wall anchors. This is a big deal if you’re installing a TV above a fireplace. 

While it may be the best way to go, the only downside is the weight of the TV. Unlike an electric fireplace, a brick or wood-burning fireplace will require a bit of maintenance. A crack in the chimney can lead to dangerous byproducts leaking into your home, and it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. You should also keep in mind that the weight of a TV mounted above a fireplace will cause it to rise a few inches higher than it would if it were on the floor. This will make for some uncomfortable seating, and will certainly add to the overall cost of your television. 

In addition to the most basic mount, you can also choose to hang a TV using a swinging arm or a more elaborate mechanized panel. However, in order to hang a TV this way, you’ll need longer screws that are able to reach the joists and beams that are in your fireplace. A professional installation is probably a good idea, especially if your chimney has a lot of crevices.