Putting Out a Fire in a Fireplace 

Putting out a fire in a fireplace can be difficult if it is left unattended. If you do not have a fire extinguisher, it is best to call the fire department and get it put out. Some people try to put out a fire in their fireplace by using water. However, this method may make the fire worse, so it is best to avoid it. Using water on fire will also create a lot of smoke, which can cause breathing problems. 

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To put out a fire in a fireplace, you need to start by inspecting the fire. If it is not hot, you can wait to get it out. You should be able to check it every few minutes to make sure it is out. If the fire is still hot, you should add more water and check it again. If the fire is out, you can put some ash over the embers. 

You can also use a fireplace poker to spread the ashes. If you don’t have a fireplace poker, you can use a long piece of wood to poke the fire. When the fire is out, you can remove the wood. It is important to remove the wood before it is completely burnt. You can also put a piece of sheet metal over the fire to help put it out the fire. 

You can also use baking soda, which contains sodium bicarbonate. When heated, baking soda produces carbon dioxide. Baking soda is often used in fire extinguishers. It is also effective at putting out grease fires. However, you may find that this method leaves a lot of mess inside the fireplace. You may also find that using flour makes the fire burn more quickly. 

Another option for cleaning a fireplace is to use sand. However, sand is not effective at putting out a fire that is smoking hot. It can also create a mess and can cause damage to your masonry. In addition, it can be hard to clean up. 

The fire will burn down to ash, but there will be some residual heat in the ashes. This is normal, but it is best to remove the excess ash and store it in a metal container. You can also use a vacuum to reignite a live spark in the ashes. 

The fire may be hot, so you may have to wait a few minutes to be sure that it is out. You should also take a few minutes to inspect the fire closely. You should be careful not to flick the embers, and you should not touch anything that is hot. You should also make sure that the embers are completely cool before you remove them. 

If you are still having problems, it is best to call the fire department. The fire department has special equipment and training to put out a fire in a fireplace. You should also give them your address and phone number so they can send help to your home. If the fire is still not out, you should evacuate your home.