How to Remove Gas Fireplace Inserts Safely?

Removing gas fireplace inserts is a challenging and dangerous job. Before doing it, you need to make sure you have the proper safety equipment and tools. Otherwise, you may cause an explosion or other injury. To avoid these hazards, take your time and follow the steps below. 

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First, you need to disconnect the gas supply line. You can do this by using a screwdriver or an Allen wrench. Be careful, because sharp edges can break the line. Do not touch any flammable objects. Instead, be sure to wear gloves and safety goggles. 

Next, you need to find the data plate. It should be on the bottom access area of your fireplace. This will contain the manufacturer and model of your fireplace. If you cannot see it, look online for a digital copy. 

After you have located the data plate, you can unhook the gas line. Make sure that it is not blocked by a brick or other material. In addition, make sure the gas line is turned off and that all valves are shut off. Afterwards, you need to cap the line to prevent leaks. 

Depending on where you live, removing a gas fireplace might be illegal. If this is the case, you might have to seek permits and licensing. Some cities will require a permit or license before you can begin work. 

You should also consider using a professional company to remove your fireplace. Their knowledge and experience can reduce the risks of an accident. When searching for a removal company, make sure they have the appropriate licenses and insurance coverage. They can provide you with a free estimate, which can help you plan out the project. However, they may charge more than normal for the work. A company should also explain the entire process, so you know what you are getting into. 

For a safer way to move your fireplace, you can lay down plywood. Alternatively, you can remove the glass doors. This can be a messy task, so you should use thick blankets to protect your floors. Using a large towel can also be helpful for storing your glass. 

Finally, you need to disconnect the electrical wiring. Once you are done, you can put your unit back together. Just be sure that you take note of everything that is removed. Also, be sure that you don’t touch any metal surfaces, and don’t use dish soap to clean your hands. 

While you might be able to do this project yourself, you should consider hiring a professional. This is because you may not have the skills or experience required to do the job properly. Besides, you don’t want to risk an explosion or fire. With a little planning and some professional guidance, you should be able to remove your gas fireplace safely. 

As a reminder, if you have a gas fireplace, you should never try to move it yourself. It’s a dangerous job that can be dangerous for you or your family.