How to Renovate a Brick Fireplace? 

If your brick fireplace is looking a little dated, it’s time to make it a focal point of your home with some simple and inexpensive updates. A well-designed fireplace is not only a great way to warm up your home, it can also be the perfect backdrop for beautiful displays of artwork and accessories. 

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There are many ways to renovate your brick fireplace, from painting it a bold color to replacing the hearth and surround with stone tiles or other materials. But before you can begin, you’ll need to make sure the fireplace is clean and free of debris. 

Paint a Brick Fireplace:

A paint job is the easiest way to give your brick fireplace a new look. Just decide how you want the finished product to look and pick out a shade that matches your walls or complements another design element in the room. 

Depending on your style and the rest of the decor in your room, you can choose a neutral shade that won’t stand out too much or a bold color that will be the main focal point. Whatever you decide, make sure to use latex-based paint to prevent it from trapping moisture and becoming moldy over time. 

Whitewash Your Brick Fireplace:

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can try whitewashing your brick to give it a light and airy feel. Using a German schmear paint technique, you can achieve a smooth, matte finish that will make your fireplace more visually interesting. 

Tile Your Brick Surround:

If you have a rustic fireplace with a stained hearth and surround, consider wrapping the entire brick area in a stylish tile. Ceramic, stone and granite are the most popular choices, but a mix of textures can add interest and depth to your wall. 

You can also install a faux stone veneer that resembles natural stone. This can be a more affordable alternative to replacing the entire surround, and it also provides a solid surface before you install your new material. 

A wooden mantel is another way to update your fireplace. These traditional pieces are available in different woods, including cherry, mahogany and red oak, and can be painted or stained to match your decor. 

Alternatively, you can add a custom-made fireplace mantel that is designed to fit your space perfectly. Then, you can decorate it with a collection of seasonal items, like candles and greenery. 

Replacing a Hearth and Surround With Granite Slabs.

If you have an old quarry-tile fireplace with a stained and chipped surround, replacing the entire hearth and surround is a simple yet elegant DIY project that can instantly give your living room a new look. For an even more sophisticated look, cover the surround in sleek, 1 1/4-inch-thick slabs of granite. 

If your fireplace is the centerpiece of your living room, you may prefer to change up the style of the mantel or even extend it to the ceiling for a more modern look. A mantel with a wood frame and crown molding is a simple way to add dimension and elegance to your fireplace without making it too large. You can then highlight a variety of decor items on the mantel, including framed art, pillows and a shabby chic chandelier.