How to Repair a Stone Fireplace?

A stone fireplace is a very attractive home addition. But they can also be prone to cracks, leaks and other problems. While you can’t prevent all these problems from happening, there are some things you can do to minimize their impact. 

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One of the most important ways to protect your stone fireplace from water damage is to seal the cracks. This will help to prevent water and embers from leaking into your roof and onto your walls. You will need to perform a little bit of work to do this. 

To perform a successful sealing job, you will need to use heat resistant mortar. The mortar will need to be mixed according to the instructions on the label. Once it is ready, you will need to apply it to the cracked area. It will take some time for the mortar to dry. However, you don’t want to allow the mortar to dry on its own. In fact, you will need to give it a couple of days to set up. 

As the temperature fluctuates, the mortar in your stone fireplace will be subjected to stress. When this happens, it will wear out. That is why you need to regularly inspect the grout. Using a brush or a hose, you can scrub away excess dirt. 

Another good way to prevent smoke from entering your home is to install a chimney cap. Smoke can accumulate on your chimney if it has not been properly cleaned or if it has been blocked by creosote. You should check your chimney for creosote on a regular basis. If you do notice a buildup, it may be best to call a professional to inspect your fireplace. 

Other things to consider when repairing a stone fireplace include using the appropriate tools. Having the right tools can save you from a lot of time and effort. For example, a metal lath can be attached to the top of your stone fireplace to provide additional support. The lath can be affixed with corrosion-resistant cement screws. Also, a flat metal piece can be used to force the mortar into the joints. 

Similarly, a wire brush can be a great tool for scrubbing the crown of the stone. By removing dust and debris, the scrubbing can help to create a smooth surface for the next layer of mortar. 

The process of resetting a broken stone hearth is not a difficult task. If the mortar has been worn away, a chisel and a blunt side are just the thing. Be sure to follow the directions on the package to avoid making a mess. 

A sanding stone is another great option. Using low-grit sandpaper, you can sand down the stones to maintain the overall appearance of your stone fireplace. Additionally, you can reattach loose stones using a product like Big Wally Plaster Magic. 

Some of the most popular stone fireplace repair jobs are sealing the crown, waterproofing, and re-pointing the mortar. These are all important steps to protecting your stone fireplace.