How to Repair a Botched Brick Fireplace?

If you have a brick fireplace and your firebox or crown has been damaged, you may need to replace some bricks or repair some joints. These repairs will restore the structure of your fireplace and save you money in the long run. 

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Fireplaces are a significant structural part of a home. They protect the walls from cold and rain and keep birds from coming in. However, they can be prone to problems. For example, a cracked chimney crown can allow water to enter into your house. This can cause serious damage and may even lead to mold. While repairing the problem can be simple, you should always use care. 

The first step in repairing your brick fireplace is to determine the cause of the problem. You can do this by taking a look at the top of your fireplace. Check the crown, where the mortar meets the brick. It is important to check this part of your fireplace every year. 

After you find the source of the problem, you can begin to remove some of the damaged brick. Make sure you wear safety glasses or eye protection. A masonry chisel is a good tool to use, as you will have to break the brick in certain places. 

Once you’ve removed the damaged brick, you should clean up the area. This is especially important if you have an old, soiled fireplace surround. Clean up any dirt or grime with a masonry brush. Also, you should place a canvas drop cloth under the work area. 

Alternatively, you can fix your mortar. You can use a tuck-point trowel to smooth out the surface. Using the tuck-point will make your new joint blend in with the rest of your brickwork. 

Another option is to use heat-resistant mortar. Heat-resistant mortar is a mixture of cement and aggregates that is designed to resist high temperatures. Before you start repairing the chimney, it’s important to ensure that the mortar has been properly mixed and laid down. Mixing it with a paint stir stick can help speed up the process. 

Depending on the severity of the damage, you will need to decide on whether to re-point or replace the mortar. Typically, re-pointing is used for minor damage. 

For more extensive damage, it’s better to have a professional repair the problem. An Atlanta chimney doctor can perform this type of work. He can also rebuild the firebox to protect your chimney and your home. 

Some bricks can crack under intense heat, so it’s a good idea to consider replacing these. You can also use refractory cement to repair gaps in your fireplace. Refractory cement is made of a mixture of cement and sand. Since the material is porous, it will absorb water. But, the water can weaken the masonry, so it’s important to make sure the mortar has been waterproofed. 

When you are repairing your brick fireplace, you should make sure that you’re using quality materials. Conventional bricks can explode under intense heat, but fire-rated bricks will provide a stable base for your fireplace.