How to Repair a Crack in Brick in Your Fireplace?

If you are considering fixing a crack in your fireplace, you need to do it right. Cracks in brick can be dangerous because they allow burning embers to reach combustible materials. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) ranks them as a fire hazard. Fireplace repair requires the use of heat-resistant mortar and the proper tools. 

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Fireplaces are a feature of many homes. They are usually the focal point of the living room. However, they require periodic maintenance and repair. You can fix small cracks in your fireplace yourself or hire a professional chimney contractor. Depending on the size of the hole, you may need to replace a section of the fireplace. 

Fireplaces are built with two layers of fire-resistant materials. The bottom is made of stone or firebrick. These materials are prone to deterioration due to the continuous heating and cooling cycles. In addition, water absorbed by the mortar can cause it to expand and swell. This leads to cracks. To ensure your repair is successful, you must follow these steps: 

First, you need to clean the fireplace thoroughly. Ideally, you should remove all debris, dust, and soot from the bricks and mortar. Clean the area using a damp sponge. When you are done, dry the area with a towel. 

Next, you will need to apply a clear silane-siloxae water repellent to the affected bricks. This repellent prevents liquid from entering the brick and prevents water vapor from escaping. Also, the mortar should be cleaned of any excess water. 

Once the area has been prepared, you can begin the actual repair process. Apply the appropriate mortar to the crack. It is important to have the correct color mortar to match your fireplace. For example, if you are replacing the brick in your fireplace, it will be important to have a mortar with a similar color. 

You will also need to apply a refractory caulk to the joints between the bricks. Refractory caulk is available at local hardware stores. It can be purchased for $15 for a small repair. As the caulk sets, it will bond the bricks together. 

After the repair is complete, it is important to check your firebox for any other issues. If you see cracks in the mortar between the bricks, you will need to reseal the area. Make sure you are aware of any other cracks in the fireplace and that they do not impede the flow of air to the fire. 

Patching a fireplace crack is not a difficult task. However, it is a complex one. If you have a large crack, you should contact a chimney contractor. Your first choice may be to patch the hole, but this is not the best solution. A professional should be able to do the job correctly. 

Remember that the crack will need to be filled before tile installation. You should be able to fill the gaps with cement or a masonry sealer. Some fireplaces have a metal plate on the inside of the firebox opening that is a good indicator of the type of material used.