How to Repair Motor Fireplaces?

If your electric fireplace is not producing flames, it may be time to perform some repair. The motor or the rotating rod may be damaged and require replacement. Other problems can include a faulty bulb or the power flow. Fortunately, there are solutions that will get your fireplace working again. 

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One of the most common electrical issues with an electric fireplace is a blown bulb. You can usually replace it with a new one. However, if the fuses are blown, you will need to replace them with a fuse that is rated for the specific unit. To do this, you will need to flip the breaker. 

Another common problem is a rod or motor that is seized. Thankfully, this is easy to fix. First, you will need to unplug the unit. Next, you will need to remove the back panel of the unit. This will allow you to inspect the electrical components. 

If you find that there are a few screws missing from the back panel, you will need to use a screwdriver to loosen them. Once you are able to remove them, you will need to use an old toothbrush to clean out the dust bunnies that may be accumulating on the fan blades. 

After you have cleaned the fan blades, you will want to reposition the fan. Make sure that you leave three to four feet of space between you and the unit. You will also need to be careful not to place anything on top of the unit. 

Finally, you will need to test the outlet. If the unit is plugged into the wall, you should see 110-120 volts. Otherwise, you will need to contact your local electrical department to check for a bad breaker. 

If you are unable to get your fireplace to run, you will need to contact your manufacturer. Some warranties cover parts and labor. Others only cover a specific part on the firebox. Depending on the model, you may need to purchase a new unit. 

While you are waiting for the manufacturer to send you a new unit, you will need to do some repair. Check to make sure that the circuit board is tagged correctly. Also, you will need to check the labels on the fuse box. 

Electric fireplaces are made with several different types of electronics, including a remote control and LED lights. Unfortunately, these can cause problems as well. It is important to make sure that these are functioning properly before you attempt to operate the unit. 

Before performing any repair, you will need to check your warranty. Some warranties will cover certain problems with the electric fireplace. If you do not have a warranty, you will need to purchase the replacement part yourself. 

In addition, it is important to know how to recognize the warning signs of an upcoming problem. For example, if you hear a squeaking noise when you turn the flames on, you may have a faulty motor or rod.