Gas Fireplace Repair – How to Repair Spark Igniter?

If you have a gas fireplace and you are having trouble turning it on, you may have a problem with the spark igniter. The gas may be coming out of the pilot, and the spark may not be generating the flame that it should. To remedy the problem, you will need to inspect the spark igniter. 

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There are several ways to check the spark ignitor to see if it is functioning properly. You can use compressed air to clean the area surrounding the holes. Additionally, you can remove the spark ignitor and test it for functionality. A professional gas fireplace repair company can also perform the task. 

Although the spark ignitor is a fairly fragile component, the proper cleaning and maintenance can keep it functioning. For example, you should brush off any dust that accumulates. Likewise, a half baking soda, half water mixture can be applied to the burner head. Be careful not to use bleach or a cleaner containing chlorine. This can leave residue on the burner that will prevent it from igniting correctly. 

Another nifty little device in your fireplace is the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a metal probe that checks the temperature of the gas in the fireplace. It is a small device that is positioned near the pilot light. When the thermocouple is in working order, it will generate an electricity that will ignite the gas. 

Getting a thermocouple replacement is an inexpensive process. Depending on the model you own, the replacement cost can range from $50 to $200. Once you have the part, it will need to be plugged in. Alternatively, you can get a thermocouple tester. 

An example of the thermocouple’s best qualities is that it is a good way to check if the fireplace is getting the right amount of gas. After checking the temperature, it will be able to detect whether or not the gas is leaking. 

The thermocouple is a fairly common component on newer gas fireplace models. However, a broken thermocouple is not unheard of. Also, you should be aware that this type of sensor will wear out over time. In this case, it is not a bad idea to consider getting the item replaced. 

You should also consider using a lighter to relight the pilot light. This can be accomplished by holding the button down for a few minutes. Afterwards, turn the fireplace back on. As with any appliance, you should follow manufacturer instructions for relighting the pilot light. 

In summary, the best way to determine the condition of your gas fireplace is to inspect the spark ignitor and test the temperature sensors. Using a flashlight to look through the vent may help, too. Nevertheless, you should consult a professional chimney repair service if you have concerns. While you are there, be sure to ask them to test the thermocouple. Their expertise will prove invaluable in determining whether or not your gas fireplace is in need of a spark ignitor replacement.