How to Tell If Fireplace is Propane Or Natural Gas?

If you’re thinking about installing a new fireplace, you may wonder what type of gas to use. You can choose between two types of fuel: natural gas and propane. There are a few differences between the two. 

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When it comes to using a fireplace, the best option is to go with a natural gas system. This type of fireplace will be easier to install. In most homes, the gas line will already be installed. A propane fireplace is not recommended for the same reasons. Propane can be more dangerous and has a higher chance of a leak. Plus, it’s more expensive than natural gas. 

To learn more about these two kinds of fuel, you should consult your fireplace’s owner’s manual. It will be full of information about the fireplace and how it works. Some manufacturers even affix a sticker to the manual showing the fuel type. Unless you’re handy with home improvement projects, hiring a professional is the most effective way to go. They can ensure that the conversion is done correctly. 

There are a few other things to consider. For instance, propane tends to settle at the bottom of the fire features. Therefore, installing a tank outside the fireplace makes sense. That being said, if you live in an area that does not have access to natural gas, you might want to consider installing a propane system. Despite its disadvantages, it’s cheaper to run. However, it’s also more dangerous, so you’ll have to make sure you choose the right one. 

Natural gas is lighter and less dangerous than propane. It’s also a better environment friendly fuel. Unlike propane, it won’t pool inside your home. Furthermore, it has fewer toxic byproducts. 

Using natural gas can save you money in the long run. It’s easier to install and is cheaper to operate. Compared to propane, you won’t have to worry about cleaning ashes, collecting wood or gathering firewood. 

Another thing to look for is a control knob. Some models are equipped with an ignition system. Others have a glass panel that lets you view the flames. Also, you might see a gas shutoff valve. The control knob is a good indication that you’ve found a gas fireplace. 

Finally, you should check out the rating plate. A rating plate is a small metal placard with a number on it. The plate will show you how much BTUs the fireplace produces at its highest capacity. Usually the number will be attached to the burner on the front of the appliance or on the side column. 

While the rating plate is a good starting point, the real question is what kind of fuel you’re going to use. Whether you choose to purchase a natural gas or a propane fireplace depends on the size of your house and where you live. Besides, there are many different brands of both of these kinds of appliances. So it’s important to know what kind you’re looking for before you start shopping.