How to Turn Off a Gas Fireplace With a Wall Key? 

Turning on a gas fireplace can be a great way to warm up the house and make it cozier. Modern gas fireplaces also come with a number of convenience features, such as temperature control and remote controls. Many modern units even connect to Amazon Alexa, making it easier to set them to a specific time and adjust their flame intensity from anywhere in the room. 

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Some gas fireplaces are equipped with a wall key, which allows you to turn the system on or off without needing to use the keyhole. This is a handy feature in case the key gets lost or otherwise becomes damaged. 

How To Turn Off A Gas Fireplace With A Wall Key?

The first step to turning off a gas fireplace is to locate the shut-off valve and ensure that it’s closed. The valve is located near the base of your fireplace and should be perpendicular to the gas line. You should also make sure that the key you are using fits properly into the valve and that it’s the correct size for your particular model. 

You can also check the manual that came with your unit to determine if the ignitor is on or off. If it is off, you’ll need to manually light the pilot. If it is on, the ignitor will be constantly on until you turn the unit off. 

Find the Keyhole

The keyhole on your gas fireplace is usually on the left or right of the wall cavity and can be a little tricky to spot. Sometimes the holes are recessed into the walls or even on the floor, so it’s important to keep an eye out for one that looks like it’s surrounded by raised metal. 

If the keyhole is on the floor, you may have to remove a piece of flooring and check underneath it. In some cases, it’s easier to find the keyhole by looking around the inside of your home; you can also check with the manufacturer for help. 

Once you’ve found the keyhole, you should be able to insert your key into it and start turning it. You can then light the gas that’s being released by using a long-barreled lighter, or you can use a match if you prefer. 

Before you try to turn the gas off, you’ll need to wait at least 5 minutes for any lingering or excess gas to clear out of your system. You can open the windows to air out your house, or you can call your natural gas provider and the fire department if you’re worried that your system is on fire. 

How To Light A Pilot With A Control Panel?

Most gas fireplaces are operated by a control panel, which contains a red igniter pilot knob. The knob should have two options: OFF and PILOT (or ON). Flip the knob from OFF to PILOT, then push the pilot-igniter knob every second until it lights. 

When you’re done, the pilot will be lit and you can then switch the control knob back to OFF. If the ignitor doesn’t shut off, you’ll have to manually turn it off using a key or a long-barreled lighter.