How to Turn on a Propane Fireplace?

If you have a propane fireplace, you may be wondering how to turn it on. Before you start lighting it, make sure to check the main valve and pilot tube. Also, make sure that the pilot light is turned on. If you are having trouble lighting your propane fireplace, you can also try to purge the air from the pilot tube. 

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Identifying a propane fireplace 

When you have a propane fireplace, you need to know its BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating. You can also call a propane repair technician to get the exact BTU number. Different fireplaces use different amounts of fuel, but most use about a gallon of propane per hour. However, the exact rate will vary based on the model and the weather outside your home. 

In most cases, propane fireplaces will have a serial number and a rating plate. The rating plate is typically located near the gas valve or the bottom of the fireplace. This information will tell you if you’re dealing with a natural or propane fuel. 

Cleaning the burner plate 

Propane fireplaces require regular cleaning. Cleaning a propane fireplace involves cleaning the burner plate. Before you begin, you should make sure you have all the necessary parts to clean it. A soft bristled brush is an excellent choice for cleaning the burner’s surface. You can also use a small drill bit to open blocked ports. A toothpick will also work well for removing debris. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions to ensure proper care. If you fail to do so, you could end up with a leak. 

First, turn off the gas and pilot light. Wait for a couple of hours before turning on the fireplace. Once the fireplace is cool enough, you can remove the rocks. Remove any loose soot. If necessary, use a microfiber cloth to scrub the burner ports. If there are any shields or covers attached to the fireplace, you can remove these and wipe off the soot with compressed air. 

Turning on the pilot light 

If you’re having trouble turning on the pilot light of a propane fireplace, you may need to turn it off and on again. To do this, locate the pilot light on your fireplace and turn it off. Some models have a lever or dial that you need to push in order to turn the pilot light. Then, check to make sure that there is no flame. If so, you may need to replace or repair the valve. 

To relight the pilot of a propane fireplace, you must hold the control knob down for at least 30 seconds. Otherwise, the pilot will go out. After a few minutes, you should see a dark purple glow in the pilot light and a bright red glow in the ignitor button. Once this happens, you can now use the control knob to operate the fireplace as usual. 

Controlling the gas flow with a fireplace key 

A fireplace key is a metal key used to control the flow of gas into a fireplace. The key resembles a long metal pole with a square end that fits into a keyhole. It is typically turned clockwise to turn off the gas and counterclockwise to turn on the flame. The key is designed to work in conjunction with the gas valve to adjust the flow of gas. It can also be used to ignite a pilot light in a gas fireplace. 

A fireplace control panel hides behind an access panel that blends into the fireplace surround or frame. If you can’t remove this panel, you may need to remove the fireplace screen and turn the knob to the ‘Off’ position. Some fireplaces also come with an emergency shut-off valve. It’s important to open the emergency shut-off valve before lighting the fireplace. Be sure to place the valve parallel to the gas line.