How to Update a 1970s Stone Fireplace?

If you’d like to update a stone fireplace in your home, you have plenty of options. You can paint or resurface it, or you can add stone veneer or wood. There are several ways to do this, and you can choose one depending on your budget and aesthetic goals. 

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Painting a stone fireplace 

When you’re ready to give your 1970s stone fireplace a makeover, you’ll need to get the right supplies. You’ll need paint, brushes, and tarps. Also, you’ll need a face mask and painter’s tape. Luckily, there are several easy ways to paint your stone fireplace without damaging it. First, you’ll need to clean the stone. You can use a stone cleaner and then rinse it off with soapy water and warm water. Then, you’ll need to apply the paint. 

When it comes to painting your 1970s stone fireplace, you can use several types of paint. There are water-based paints and oil-based primers. Also, you can use latex paint in eggshell, flat, satin, and semi-gloss finishes. If you have a darker stone, latex paint will work best. If you’re able to find a color that matches the stone, chalk paint is another option. 

Resurfacing a stone fireplace 

There are several ways to update your stone fireplace without replacing it. One way is to resurface the fireplace with concrete. This will give your fireplace a modern look. Before you start, make sure that the stone fireplace is in good condition. After that, you can choose any type of material to resurface it. 

You can paint or resurface the stone fireplace yourself, but you should follow certain safety and maintenance measures. The fireplace is a potential fire hazard, so it is important to use precautions when working on it. Check with the local fire codes and get help from a professional if needed. It is also important to use reputable websites and follow the directions thoroughly to ensure your safety. 

Adding stone veneer 

If your 1970s stone fireplace is looking tired, you can update it with a stone veneer. Veneering can change the entire look of your fireplace and is both time and cost-effective. Thin stone veneers can be installed yourself, but it’s important to plan ahead to make sure your project is done properly. You can consult a stone dealer for tips and recommendations, and you can also hire a contractor. 

Stone veneer is a thin layer of stone that covers the original stone. This type of stone is lighter and cheaper than ordinary stone, and can be used to update your fireplace. It also offers a wider range of color options. In addition, stone veneer is also easier to install. 

Adding wood 

A 1970s stone fireplace can look old and uninspiring. However, there are a few ways to update a stone fireplace to give it a new look. First, you can remove the stone facade by prying it out with loose mortar. Then, you can resurface it with any material you like. 

Another option for updating a stone fireplace is to install wood paneling. It will add a stately feel to the fireplace and replace any rustic elements. You can choose different colors for the panels depending on the look you’re going for. If you want a country look, you should opt for mahogany or rich cherry. If you’re going for a farmhouse feel, white painted wooden panels will work best. 

Changing from a stone fireplace to a gas fireplace 

The 1970s were a fun and fascinating decade for home decor and interior design. These were the years of disco platform shoes, pony cars, and massive stone fireplaces, which were a symbol of status and occupied up to a third of the living room wall. Today, many people are looking to update their fireplaces to a gas or wood burning one. While the process can be costly, there are a few options to update your 1970s stone fireplace. 

If your stone fireplace is in good condition, you can update it by covering it in wood or installing a wood or a bookshelf. You can also install a new fireplace insert. To install a new fireplace insert, remove the bricks and replace them with wood side cabinets with two shelves above them. Once you have replaced the bricks, choose a new gas or electric fireplace insert.