Update a Brick Fireplace 

Whether you’re looking for a way to update a brick fireplace or you want to change your decor to something new, you can use a variety of design ideas to make your fireplace look fresh. You can create a dramatic focal point with a large painting, or you can add a touch of interest with colorful pottery. 

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Whitewashing a brick fireplace is a popular way to update it. This technique allows the texture of the brick to show through while letting the color of the brick remain neutral. You can also use this technique in combination with a white mantel and crown molding. It’s a simple and easy DIY project that you can do to update your home. 

If you have a fireplace with bricks that are cracked, crumbling or unfinished, you can give it a whole new look with paint. A light shade of white will give your fireplace a clean, modern look. 

Another idea is to cover your brick fireplace with tile. This is a popular option that is both affordable and sustainable. You can purchase tile in various shapes, colors, and designs. You can even buy interlocking stone veneer, which is cheaper than real stone. It’s easier to install than tile, and it’s more durable. This method is also ideal for updating a fireplace that has bricks on the ceiling. 

If you have a brick fireplace that’s a bit older, you can update it by adding a new mantel. This makes the fireplace feel warm and inviting, and it can also make it a great focal point in the room. You can purchase a mantel that is made from reclaimed wood to add a vintage look. Alternatively, you can choose a white mantel that is painted to match your tile. 

You can also add a framed piece of shiplap to your fireplace. This wooden wall siding mimics barn siding and lends itself to farmhouse style decor. You can panel the shiplap over the fireplace or add crown molding on the top of the shiplap to give the fireplace a more formal look. It’s a nice, airy and lightweight design that can be easily installed. 

You can also paint the interior of your brick fireplace. This is a simple and inexpensive way to update your space. To paint the bricks, you can start by cleaning the bricks and mortar. You can also rinse the bricks with a solution of vinegar and water. You can then sand the bricks with 120-grit sandpaper. 

For a more rustic look, you can choose to add a decorative statue or decorative mirror. This will make your fireplace a focal point of the room, and it can also reflect the activities that are going on in the room. This can instantly update your fireplace. 

If you have a brick fireplace, you may be interested in adding a floating mantel to the top. This is a popular style that looks great with all types of fireplaces. The mantel is hollow inside, which means it’s lightweight and easy to install. This can be an attractive addition to any home.