What Is a Gas Log Fireplace? 

A gas log fireplace is a type of firebox that contains artificial logs that look like real wood but produce less heat than a built-in gas fireplace or gas insert. It’s a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to your home while saving on energy costs, reducing air pollution, and improving your indoor air quality. 

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What Are Gas Logs Made of?

Gas logs are made from a variety of composite materials that can withstand high temperatures. Some are made from ceramic fibers or refractory cement, while others are made from cast-iron log molds that resemble real logs. 

They come in vented and ventless varieties. Vented models require a chimney to vent fumes outside of the home, while ventless log sets do not. The choice between these two types is based on your needs and preferences. 

How To Choose the Right Set For You?

Once you’ve determined what type of fuel you’ll be using for your new fireplace, it’s time to start deciding what style and layout will work best in your home. There are plenty of gas log sets on the market, but it’s crucial to find one that will fit your home and complement your décor. 

There are a few factors you’ll need to consider when choosing a gas log fireplace: the type of fuel, vent type, and burner assembly. The burner assembly is what controls the ignition system and the flow of the gas to the logs. 

The burner assembly can come with a match lit, push-button, or electronic ignition. These systems allow for simple and safe lighting of the logs. The burner also controls the amount of gas poured into the fireplace, which can be done by manually turning a valve or with an automatic electronic sensor. 

You’ll also want to select a burner that is designed for your log arrangement and the amount of smoke it produces. Some burners feature pan model burners that are designed for specific log arrangements and prevent direct flame contact with the logs, which can release soot and other by-products into the room air. 

Other burners use tube models that have a similar log placement to the pan model but do not require as much room for a good-sized flame. They also do not cause soot to collect in the burner or on the walls of the unit. 

Lastly, you’ll need to choose the size of your gas log fireplace. Whether you’re planning on installing your fireplace in a large open living room or a cozy bedroom, the correct log set will make all the difference. 

What Is the Most Common Fuel Used for Gas Logs?

The most common type of fuel used for gas logs is natural gas. However, some areas of the country are not serviced by natural gas, so propane is another popular option. If your home is in an area where natural gas isn’t available, you can install a liquid propane burner instead.