What Should Be Used to Repair Cracked Fireplace Bricks? 

If you are trying to fix your fireplace bricks, you need to make sure you have the right tools. You can buy a variety of tools at your local hardware store. It’s important to use the correct type of mortar. Otherwise, the bricks may deteriorate over time. The right mortar will also help keep your fireplace from getting damaged. 

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To properly repair your fireplace bricks, you’ll need to clean and remove the old mortar. This should be done before putting on the new mortar. Doing this will ensure that the joint is smooth and will not look cluttered. 

Next, you’ll need to make sure the bricks are level. This can be done by using a hammer and chisel to pry out any loose stones. After this, you’ll need to scrape away the dirt and debris. 

Finally, you’ll need to put a layer of fire cement on the damaged areas. To do this, you’ll need a trowel. Be sure to follow the directions for the kind of mortar you’re using. 

You’ll also need a paintbrush to brush off any excess mortar. These steps are important because the mortar may blend in with the soot that is on the surface of the bricks. 

To fix cracks on your firebox, you need to first find the location of the crack. Once you’ve located the crack, you’ll need to remove the old mortar from the area. Then, you’ll need to use a trowel to mix up the appropriate amount of mortar. 

The proper type of mortar for a fireplace is high temperature silicate. This material is made for sealing metals and bonding masonry. As a result, it’s designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. Most types of mortar fail at this extreme level, so you’ll want to find a material that is specifically designed for this purpose. 

You’ll also need a tuck-pointing trowel. This type of trowel looks like a long, narrow chisel. Use this tool to pack the mortar into the crack or joint. Follow the directions for this step, and you’ll be well on your way to fixing your cracked fireplace bricks. 

When you are done, you’ll need to leave the patch to dry for at least a day or two. However, it’s not advised to use your fireplace until the work has been completed. That’s because the fireplace may shift or the chimney may move. 

There’s also a chance that you need to get a professional to perform this job for you. They can replace the entire brick in your fireplace or they can repair smaller cracks. A professional may charge up to $300 for this service. While it’s not a difficult task, it is expensive. So if you aren’t an experienced masonry worker, you may want to save your money for more important things. 

Using the right mortar isn’t easy. Especially if you’re repairing a fireplace, which is subject to extreme changes in temperature. Remember to ask if the mortar you’re buying is heat resistant.