What to Put Above a Fireplace 

A fireplace is a beautiful feature to add to your home. Whether you have an electric fire or a gas fire, there are plenty of ways to decorate the space above your fireplace to add interest and style. 

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What to Put Above a Fireplace

One of the most classic things to hang above your fireplace is a mirror. A large, statement mirror is sure to draw attention and reflects light around the room. But it’s important to choose the right mirror for your space. A minimalist, flat-backed frame can work well in a contemporary space, while ornate frames complement antique-filled interiors. 

What to Put Above a Gas Fireplace

If you have a gas fireplace, it’s best to choose a mirror that has a backing that can handle the heat of the flames without melting or bubbling. It also helps if the mirror has a non-flammable material or a fire-resistant backing on it. 

What to Put Above a Brick Fireplace

If your home has a brick fireplace, it can be difficult to hang mirrors and pictures above it. You’ll need to be careful with the size and style of your mirror so as not to cause any damage to the bricks that border it. A rectangular mirror or a round-shaped one that is similar in shape will make the job easier. 

What to Put Above a Mantel

While it’s not a traditional option, using your mantel for storage can be a great way to keep your decor organized and uncluttered. This space is perfect for stacking a few books or storing decorative accessories like votive candle holders. 

What to Put Above a TV 

Many people want to put their TV above their fireplace, but the cluttered look isn’t always conducive to stylish decor. To hide your TV and create a space that is both functional and beautiful, consider concealing it with a folding screen of picture frames. This will provide an aesthetically pleasing solution for your entertainment center, and it’s easy to install! 

What to Put Above a Gallery Wall

Artwork above the fireplace is a popular decorative option. It can be hard to pick just one piece, so instead of choosing something oversized and eye-catching, try a collection of coordinating prints that display a single theme or concept. The result is a cohesive collection that can span most of the mantel, creating a sense of harmony. 

What to Put Above a Basket Wall

A basket wall has become a popular decorative accent in boho interior design, and it’s easy to replicate the look above your fireplace. Depending on how much you have to spend, you can opt for a single basket, or you can go all-in by creating a gallery wall featuring several woven containers. 

What to Put Above a Postcards Lined Mantel

If you have a wall lined with molding, it’s easy to use it as an art gallery, especially if you don’t have a lot of wall space above your fireplace. Just be sure to hang the artwork off-center to ensure that it stands out from the rest of your decorations and furniture.