What Type Of Regulators For A Propane Fireplace?

Outdoor gas fire features require higher pressure than standard outdoor grills. The higher pressure requires the propane tank to have a more powerful gas pump. This makes it important that you purchase a regulator that is designed specifically for use in outdoor gas fire pits. 

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Checking the Regulator

You can test your gas regulator’s output pressure by placing a small manometer directly in the line between the fireplace and the propane tank. The manometer will read the pressure in inches of water column (WC), or in pounds per square inch (PSI). 

If you are using a low-pressure regulator, it may be feeding your fire feature from the wrong side of the propane tank. This can cause uneven pressure across the entire length of the tank. If the fire pit is on the wrong side, you should replace the gas regulator with one that is designed for use in a propane fireplace. 

Whistle-Free Flex Hose 

Another problem that can cause a whistling noise is a hose that does not have a whistle-free flex hose. These hoses feature a ribbed design that prevents sound from oscillating along the hose. 

When installing a hose on your fireplace, you should make sure that it is not twisted or damaged. This can cause a leak in the hose or damage to the cylinder valve. If you notice any physical damage to your hose, it is a good idea to replace the hose with a new one before using your fireplace. 

Choosing the Right Adjustable Propane Regulator 

Depending on what kind of propane or natural gas you are using, there are various adjustable propane regulators that can provide different amounts of btu/hr output. You should choose a regulator that is close to the amount of btu/hr your fireplace needs. 

You should also choose a regulator that can deliver the desired gas output to the appliances in your fireplace. You should have a licensed gas professional install your regulator, as they are trained in how to properly install them and the correct gas connections. 

Selecting the Perfect Propane Gas Regulator

If you’re looking for a high-performance propane regulator, it’s a good idea to invest in one that has an adjustable valve. This will allow you to make adjustments to the valve and control the output of your fireplace’s flame height, so you can get a more consistent heat throughout the duration of your fire. 

When shopping for a regulator, you should also look for an integrated twin-stage propane regulator. These regulators can be more expensive but they offer the best performance for most installations. This is because they have an integral twin stage that is designed to deliver the amount of propane required by a wide range of appliances. 

A two-stage propane regulator is often used in long runs from a tank to a home or appliance. These systems can be more difficult to install but are often necessary for larger or more powerful appliances.